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  • Who are iGold?

    Answer: IGASC Ltd is a private Israeli company, managed by precious metal tax and import specialists established in Jerusalem in 2012. Our Company is managed by an auditor and tax accountant out of offices in Eilat. Importing precious metals into Israel requires technical knowledge of Israel’s Customs and Tax laws, IGASC Ltd are specialists and provide highly secure and discreet services to clients.
  • What is the definition of investment precious metals in Israel?

    Answer: Investment precious metals are gold and silver stored in a third party vault for a period of three months in the following forms, as;
    (a) legal tender gold and silver bullion coins; and
    (b) gold bullion rounds and bars (in an investment form) of at least 99.5% fineness; and
    (c) silver bullion rounds and bars (in an investment form) of at least 99.9% fineness.
  • What is the definition of a precious metal investor in Israel?

    Answer: An investor, is defined as a private individual who purchases investment precious metals to secure his wealth in Israel, only for investment purposes. ie. not for business.
  • Is there VAT on precious metals in Israel?

    Answer: Precious metals purchased through iGold for investment purposes incur 0% VAT.
  • Are there any reporting requirements on precious metals stored in Israel?

    Answer: There are no reporting requirements in Israel or the United States of precious metals held personally for investment (outside the banking system) to any government institution.
  • How is iGold different?

    Answer: iGold is the first and only Company in Israel able to sell physical investment gold and silver at 0% VAT to investors in Israel.
  • Can I transfer gold that I own to your vault from the United States?

    Answer: For tax purposes we cannot import a customers private gold into Israel. We can only import through one of our approved suppliers; Pamp Suisse, APMEX and Perth Mint.
  • Do you have a minimum order size?

    Answer: For investment – minimum order of $30,000. For private or business – minimum order of $10,000.
  • How do I know my products are genuine?

    Answer: All our products are imported from the largest Retailer, Refineries and Government Mints in the world. Our products are all brand new (in brilliant un-circulated condition). Most of our products are purchased direct from the US/Canadian Government Mint. Every product we import is fully assayed and comes in its original tamper proof packaging and full documentation.
  • How much do investment products cost in Israel?

    Answer: Gold +-10% above spot and silver +-25% above spot.
  • Are my products insured?

    Answer: All our shipments are fully insured for 100% of the value of the precious metals. Should anything happen while your package is in transit, your order is covered 100% by our insurance policy. Precious metals stored with our vault provider are insured for the precious metal content (ie. spot price).

Other Questions

  • Can I change my mind after I place an order?

    Answer: No. If we do not have your products in stock and we must order from our suppliers; once we lock in a price, it is very difficult to change the order quantities. We will try our best to accommodate you but as a rule we cannot change your order quantities once you have agreed to the order details.
  • Who is the custodian of my gold in Israel?

    Answer: Our Company (Israel Gold and Silver Coins Ltd) acts as the custodian of your gold stored at A-Team Security Solutions Ltd. The gold fully belongs to our clients.
  • Counterparty risk with IGASC Ltd after I have purchased my Gold?

    Answer: You have no counterparty risk towards IGASC Ltd. The Gold is yours personally and therefore failure of our Company does not affect your gold ownership.
  • Payment methods

    Answer: Bank transfer only, or cash if below $10,000
  • Prices on your website

    Answer: The prices on our website are not final, depending on the size of your order and the products you are purchasing we will send you a quote which will include any shipping, insurance and storage costs.

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